"Not For Sure"

Time-specific performance, 2020

As a part of evening of vernissages, I connected two of Winzavod Art Center venues (“U Contemporary” and “Open Studios”), where performance took place. But it is not for sure.

The opening of the exhibitions was also my 31th birthday. This circumstance formed the basis of the performance. On one hand bringing personal party rituals into gallery space, but at the same time introducing friends and family to my art practice. Which didn’t look that «artsy» like non-artists were expecting.

2020-11-25 14.19.50.jpg

The main plot is inspired by the lifestyle of many contemporary artists, who I know in person. Trying not to skip each opportunity of taking part in any activity labeled as an ‘art show’.

Instead of officially announced live action, during the performance in 2 venues were streaming fake prerecorded videos of me cooking bday dishes. But to figure this out guests had to visit them both. Otherwise the idea of the ‘prank’ haven’t been fully understood.

 Selected screenshots from "Live" show in «U Contemporary» (prerecorded duration 1'03'22 h)

Снимок экрана 2020-10-19 в 19.22.18.png
Снимок экрана 2020-10-19 в 19.23.32.png

 Selected screenshots from "Live" from «Open Studios»(prerecorded duration 59'43 h)

Снимок экрана 2020-10-20 в 9.39.37.png
Снимок экрана 2020-10-20 в 9.37.55.png

"Birthday Dishes"

The "dishes" of the festive table are perverse manipulations with an edible resource. Products originally produced as food, having energy value, are used in this case as a visual material. The dishes got their unique names and description, using symbolic language to create a trashy and sentimental mood. Additionally, the approximate calorie content of each dish is indicated, despite the fact that they are not destined to be eaten.


Birthday cake "Yesterday's date"

Crab sticks taste like excitement during

a romantic date, don't you agree?

Energy value 1277 kcal

Pasta "The Web of Passion"

Imagine your stomach is captured by 

one very passionate spider. Your actions?

Energy Value 742 kcal

Baskets "The taste of love" 

2 types: for those who are

in love and for those who love

Energy value 648 kcal


Cake "Like a fish in the water"

When one item does not fit in the other,

 it is placed on top

Energy value 1930 kcal

Salad "Downhill will be easier than the uphill"

Playing on contrasts, the main thing

is not to lose the alertness

Energy value 1745 kcal

Snacks "Zeroing "

Because not everyone has the 

accuracy as a strong point

Energy value 1470 kcal

Baskets "The Tropical Dog's Dance"

Do you think there are 3

or 4 ingredients in here?

Energy value 843 kcal


During the opening show, I was hanging out with friends at the gallery space, periodically approaching the table with the installation, which was littered with empty and half-empty glasses of champagne. "The table" became the territory of my personal holiday, to which the visitors of the exhibition spontaneously began to join, starting unplanned interactions with the project.