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"I Love You, Baby"

A series of meetings followed by taking body casts with alginate and solidified mixtures, 2020

Being in one space-time continuum, 2 or more individuals form unique memories. The further apart they are in a cultural, social or national context, the greater the divergence is. Is it possible to imagine a point of intersection of memory between local residents and working migrants?

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Meeting # 1(13.02.2020).


Lena Buzueva takes body casts of Kurbonzoda Jonibek, a construction foreman from Uzbek-Tajik origin (if you type “Курбонзода Чонибек” into the Tajik-Russian google translator, you will get “I love you baby”).

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Meeting #2 (02.26.2020)


Upgrading the technology of using an "artistic" tool (being quite similar to the construction process), Jonibek takes casts from Lena's body. 

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Meeting #3 (02/28/2020)


Jonibek documents a meeting with another worker Karimboy Ochilif by taking casts of his body using his own technique and materials.

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The object of the project's research was the human relationship, embodied in the artistic practice of taking alginate casts from the bodies between representatives of different subcultures living in the same environment. “Art” in this case is not a certain material object, but the very embodiment of the experience of interaction with sociocultural reality inhabited by its creators.

A body cast is a physical evidence of a meeting being held. It works as a connecting line, an artifact of collective memory.

Video documentation of 3 meetings