Alyona Batueva

Videoart, photo collage, performance. 2020

"Alyona Batueva is the manager of the Moscow artist Lena Buzueva, whose international career took off sharply during the 2020 pandemic. Despite the cancellation of art shows around the world, the quarantine of almost all galleries and museums, Lena's work has found its place on the art scene. Well-known curators and art critics explain this by the fact that she managed to very delicately grope and refract all those urgent problems, from which today's reality is woven. "Highlight" the painful points of modern society from a new perspective. The boldness of her views points to new directions in the development of contemporary art, followed by Lena's younger generation of artists."

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Lena Buzueva gives an exclusive interview about her participation in the Iranian International Art Biennale KANOON, Tehran, Iran Clipping from the newspaper Ettelaat, 11.10.2020, page 7

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Lena Buzueva with the Minister of Culture of the Dominican Republic, newspaper "Diario Libre" for 06/08/2020, page 1

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 Interview with Lena Buzueva about art trends during the Pandemic Clipping from “Panorama” Newspaper, 30.11.2020, page 7

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An article about Lena Buzueva's creative tools, Clipping from the Turkish newspaper "Istikbal" for 04/07/2020, page 10

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Lena Buzueva at the opening of her solo exhibition "From the scratch" at the Seishu Netsuke Gallery in Kyoto, Clipping from the Kyoto Shimbun newspaper, 08/27/2020, page 12

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Interview with Lena Buzueva about her inspiring hobbies. Clipping from the newspaper Chavononi Tojikiston, 20.02.2020, page 1

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An article on the analysis of gastronomic discourse in the projects of Elena Buzueva. Clipping from the newspaper Proto Thema, 09.09.2020, page 31

Lena Buzueva gives a comment about her performing practice. Clipping from the newspaper Dainik Bhaskar, 28.10.2020,
page 11

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Article about Lena’s Public talk “metairony - the weapon against government propaganda or another wave of western childishness” «The Jewish Daily Forward» page 17

Interview with Lena Buzueva about the role of art in solving migrant issues in European countries. «Revue des Deux Mondes» page 14